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Be That 1% Podcast

Apr 27, 2022


In today’s episode, James connects with Ben Holt, the creator of Connect and Evolve, an experiential program focused on providing resources for preventative health and full-spectrum wellness. 


Ben is primarily known for his work as a Breathwork and Plant Medicine facilitator, Sound Bath Maestro, Coach, Musician,...

Apr 13, 2022

Today on the show James connects with Coach/Creator of the Freedom Mindset Academy and Host of the Recovering Perfectionist podcast, Christine Bar Noel. Together, they explore how to minimize burnout and navigate through perfectionism.

Connect with Christine:


Apr 6, 2022

Today James welcomes back Branden Collinsworth onto the BT1% Podcast to dive deep into Intellectual ignorance, cancel culture, sunk cost fallacy, and how to break free from the norms so you can live life on your terms. 

Connect with Branden 

Ig: @Brandencollinsworth 


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Ig: @James_Silvas