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Be That 1% Podcast

Jun 1, 2022


Jesse K. Wright, founder of the Balance The Bar initiative, is a high performance consultant, Amazon best-selling author, coach, and public speaker. His career has spanned over two decades in the team sport culture, including working with organizations in the NBA, NFL, NCAA, and in private sports training. 

He has a passion for helping young professionals grow and advance in their careers and lives. Through continuing education resources and private coaching, he seeks to create awareness, recognition, and comprehensive solutions for others in both professional and personal development. 

His experiences as a teammate and leader in professional sports, collegiate athletics, and in business have him uniquely positioned to provide guidance for successfully navigating and thriving in today’s challenging, high performance environments.

I wanted to find out what he has learned from the top athletes in the game. What do they do differently, and what characteristics do they cultivate, or bring into the NBA that differentiates from the rest?  


Show Topics:

  • What called Jesse into this profession
  • What separates the highest-caliber athletes from the rest
  • Game day routines
  • An athletes level of obsession
  • Performance-enhancing supplements
  • Time management and recovery applied to business
  • Sympathetic vs parasympathetic
  • Mindfulness & exercise for stress
  • Building future leaders
  • Vulnerability is vital for growth
  • The symbiotic relationship between touch and connection
  • Your environment shapes your behavior


Show Links:

Connect with Jesse: 

IG: @jessekwright

His company website: Balance the Bar

His book “The Intent is to Grow” is available on Amazon


Connect with James:

IG: @james_silvas