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Be That 1% Podcast

May 10, 2023

Title: Partners In Business & Life: Do These Fundamentals to Avoid a Breakdown 




Today on the podcast, James connects with Ryan and Shannon Matson. 


Shannon’s  journey began in the corporate world, where she held titles such as V.P. of

Marketing for a global publishing company and National Director of Sales & Marketing

for a fitness franchise.


These varying industries and array of accreditations – from pursuing continued

education credits in copywriting, utilized to write weekly articles for Forbes and, to becoming Google Adwords certified – speak to her insatiable

hunger for driving traffic and conversions to remarkable brands.


These roles brought her opportunities with L’Oreal, Access Hollywood, and The Ellen

Degeneres Show, with marketing access to Kendra Wilkinson, Alex Rodriguez and

Jennifer Lopez.


Now, she’s the CEO and Founder of The Social Bungalow, an education company that

helps entrepreneurs structure simple yet sophisticated online businesses, as well as

Bungalow Coffee is a 2,500 sqft coffee café in the Downtown Las Vegas Arts District.


Ryan graduated Lee Business School @ UNLV. After school, He went into project management for high-end residential construction. After a few years, He wanted more, so He left to chase the big projects on the strip. Operations and financial controls for $60+ million construction projects on the Las Vegas Stripe (hello 4-acre pool deck at the

Venetian, Delilah’s, Spago, Alexandar McQueen)... one day came home and said “We

should open Bungalow Coffee,” and so it began before we opened a bustling coffee

shop + cafe in Las Vegas. 


At the end of 2020, Ryan turned in his notice for corporate and came on board to

open Bungalow Coffee and provide leadership support for The Social Bungalow.


Today they dive into what it’s like building a marriage and multiple thriving businesses. 


Show Topics:

  • Using communication and understanding work-life balance 

  • Creating and enforcing Boundaries 

  • Should couples be in business together?

  • Components of relationships breakdowns

  • Competition within relationships

  • Creating a Values centered culture and relationship 

  • Short-term sacrifice for long-term gain 

  • Finding outlets within your relationships 

Connect with Ryan and Shannon: 

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Connect with James:

IG: @james_silvas