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Be That 1% Podcast

Aug 30, 2023

Episode 270:

Title: Moving off-grid: Building a regenerative community homestead w Chase Spillman 


Chase Spillman is a Husband, Father, founder, and leader of his own off-grid, regenerative farming community called Arcadia. 

In this episode, James & Chase talk about the following: 

  • What it looks like to build a regenerative community homestead. 

  • The lessons learned from being in the country vs being in the city \

  • Communication skills learned through running his own community 

  • What nature does for your mind and body 

  • Lessons from the bible and other spiritual texts that offer valuable mental models 

Connect with Chase: 

  • IG: theroyalcode486

  • IG: Arcadianamericanfarmsaz

 Connect with James: 

  • IG: James_Silvas
    Web: /