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Be That 1% Podcast

Feb 28, 2024

Ep 281: How to Re-Wire from Survival to Greatness with James Silvas

Today is a reverse episode. You’lll hear James on the Mark Groves Podcast encouraging listeners to embrace both their individuality and the interconnectedness of all things to live a meaningful life aligned with their values and purpose. 

They explore...

Jan 24, 2024

Title: Developing Staying Power 

Justin Hibbert is the creator of B10, an Elite Performance facility and brand,  a 2x Ironman, and a Former Nightlife VIP host at Hakkasan Group. James and Justin have been friends for eight years, and on today’s episode, they talk about pain, resourcefulness, and developing staying...

Jan 17, 2024

Episode: 279 

Title: 2024: Courage > Confidence 

Description: In this episode, James shares an insight that can help you have your best year yet. 


Have a question you want James to answer on the show? Send an email to or send a DM through the @bethatonepercent IG profile. 


Connect with James:

Nov 8, 2023

Title: 278: Keeping Friendships Strong: Navigating Long Distance, Marriage, Kids, and Career Changes 

Today, James connects with his two best friends, Johnny Amiri and Seth Limon, as they discuss and break down how they built a 15-year relationship that continues to remain strong despite geographical changes, marriage,...

Nov 1, 2023

Title: 277: Battle-Tested Strategies and Exercises for Being Your Best with Dr. Mark Guadagnoli 


Dr. Mark Guadagnoli has worked in industry and academia for over two decades. He has taught/lectured at Harvard University, MIT, UCLA, UNLV, and USC. He has been featured in publications including The New York Times, Time...