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Be That 1% Podcast

Jun 3, 2021

Today, I connected with my friend, 2x Ironman, B10 Nutrition founder and CEO, Justin Hibbert. In this episode we talk about numerous topics such as how to get into alignment with yourself, the importance of pushing your limits, relaxation and recovery techniques, cultivating presence, and building a work/life harmony. Justin shares with us his journey from being the best nightclub promoter in Vegas to becoming a 2x Ironman. This is an episode you don't want to miss. 


In this episode you will learn:

  • How to Get into true alignment 
  • What to do when you want to give up
  • The importance of pushing your limits
  • The difference between Relaxing + Recovery 
  • When is the right time to slow down
  • The truth about crossing the finish line
  • The mindset shifts of Process vs Outcome
  • How to breakdown your time ( past, present and future) 
  • The difference between a life of balance and harmony 
  • How to discover the labels that control your mind 
  • How to Navigate the lows and highs of life
  • What Justin’s company B10 is all about 


Episode 124 with Justin: Listen Now

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