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Be That 1% Podcast

Feb 21, 2022

Today James connects with the Founder of Virtual, Partner and Leader of ‘Leaders Create Leaders’ and Master at creating systems, Brian Donovan. Brian shares his wisdom on how you can leverage systems to gain back time, money and resources, attract the right talent and build the right culture that sustains the growth you achieve. Get out your notebooks and get ready, this episode is packed with tactical strategies to help you in your business and personal life. 


Today’s Topics: 

  • How to create systems that will help you thrive
  • What do most people get wrong when creating systems? 
  • How and when do you delegate?
  • How to give feedback and create a culture that does not fear getting it
  • How to attract and keep top talent 




Instagram: @briandonovan_


Connect with James: 


IG/FB: @James_silvas


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