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Be That 1% Podcast

Oct 5, 2022


Title: An unconventional approach to human connection with Celinne Da Costa


Description: Celinne Da Costa is a coach and a subconscious expert. She helps her clients rewrite their stories, and reprogram their minds, so that they live out their soul's highest expression and destiny.


She has been featured in Forbes as one of the top online business experts and has her TED Talk.


Celinne is brave, and taking that bold stride has translated into a fantastic career, which I admire.


Our conversation is deep and philosophical, which I am sure you would find insightful and thought-provoking.


Show Topics:

  • A Spontaneous decision turns into an amazing reality
  • Communication is beyond words
  • Building connections in strange places
  • A conscious living
  • Celinne's mindset shift
  • How emotions fuel your subconscious being
  • Building the right skill set
  • Be present always
  • Her last words


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Connect with Celinne Da Costa

IG: @celinnedacosta


Connect with James:

IG: @james_silvas


Show Notes:


3:57 Turning a spontaneous decision into an amazing reality

Celinne shares the reasons behind her decision to sleep on strangers' couches for a year and how it played out for her.


Celinne: "What if when I start from scratch, I abide by three principles, guided by what I love the most in my life, which are travel, meeting people, and writing? What can I create?

And it started this creative process of realizing, well, what if I just travel the world? Yeah. But I don't want to just travel the world. I want to do something meaningful. What if I travel the world and I am meeting people? Well, what's the best way to do that? What's the edge? And out of this came the idea of 'what if I circumnavigate the globe'?

And you know, what happened was that over the year or so, I traveled to over 20 countries, and I ended up sleeping in the homes of over a hundred people, the vast majority of whom were strangers.


This is how I grew my social media presence. This is how I was invited to become a writer for Forbes, which I was for about five years. It's how I was featured in many media who picked up on my story. I just started talking to people worldwide, interviewing them and telling their stories on the internet."


13:10 Communication is beyond words

Celinne explains how conversing and communicating with people was never a problem throughout her journey worldwide.


Celinne: "Language only makes up about 7% of communication. Yes. And then I forgot the exact specifics, but around 90% is body language, and then there is expression. I believe this. I don't know if it's the research papers, but energy is an essential way for us to communicate.


There is so much communication that happens with a smile. There is so much.

If I were to say what were my top difficulties from the trips around the world, I wouldn't say the language barrier. It's easy to communicate with broken words, hugs, or smiles."

20:21 Building connections in a strange place

How easy is it to form a genuinely strong bond with a stranger? Celinne shares a magical connection she will forever hold dear.


Celinne: "I just got to this cafe, and I'm like, can I please talk to the owner? All I knew was the cafe's and the owner's name. And so they're like, 'Sorry he's not here, but his business partner is,' and I said, 'Okay, can I talk to his business partner?' The business partner comes in, and I'm like, listen, I need a place to stay, but the role is that it needs to be someone offering me their home. He speaks a little English and is so startled that he takes out his phone book. A physical phone book starts phoning through like every single person on it. And then he closed the book and said, "Okay, you can stay at my house one night, and he was very resigned. And so I stayed at his place. He's like this big fatherly bear, like a Greek fatherly figure, and we just hit it off, and he takes me out to dinner with his friends, and then the next morning he is like, Okay, you can stay. So I stayed with him for five days. It was so magical. We bonded so much. One year later, I went to visit him, and I knocked on his door, and he just burst into tears this time. He's somebody who I'm gonna be connected with for life."


She also shares a list of her favorite places in the world, with Nepal being the most transformational.


Celinne: "Nepal was extremely transformational for me. It takes a good chunk out of my books as well. The places where I felt the deepest connection, where the ones whose hearts were the purest or like, I don't know how to say this well, but the people, the locals, had this innocence and this pure welcoming nature about them."


22:01 A conscious living

Having financial backups is necessary for trips like this. Celinne let us know how she managed hers from the day the idea was conceived.


Celinne: "I started to put aside about 20% of my paycheck, which wasn't much at the time. I took on extra consulting gigs, so while working full-time and freelancing on the side, I could bring in some more income.


I was able to put together $1000, and here's what's going to blow your mind. In the year I was traveling, I spent $8500!

I was so taken care of, and I think another big insight that I take away from that journey that hasn't left me is how taken care of we are when we have faith, believe in ourselves, and choose consciously.


And you know, this lesson that's so deeply embedded in my bones is one I can transfer over with my clients because we obviously do a lot of heavy mindsets and conscious reprogramming work. Sometimes it gets challenging because you want to transform your life in different areas and don't know what to do"?


24:33 Celinne's mindset shift

Sticking with false narratives can be dangerous to our growth process, but the effort to see things differently makes it better. Celinne shares more on this.


Celinne: "Before I went on this trip, I was very unhappy. I had a lot of trauma that I didn't even realize was there. I needed to work through it, which was uncovered even partially through this trip. In the years following, I had no belief in people. I didn't trust people. I was like, 'they are out to get me; they are out to screw me over.'


So one of the reasons why this experiment was so strong for me is because I literally put not just my life but my identity on the line. Today, I am like, 'oh! It's limiting belief one and limiting belief two.'


It's coming from this story. Here is where it originated in my lifeline. I can track all of that today with the skill set I have now, but back then, I had none of that."


34:27 How emotions fuel your subconscious.

Take charge of your emotions and use them to your advantage.


Celinne: "Subconsciousness is not just your mind. It's also your body. What I learned in my training is that the longest emotion that takes for the body to process when the mind is out of the way is grief.


When I facilitate clients, and they are going through, for example, processing grief or anger, there is a certain point where the quality of their breath changes. You can feel it in the energy field where they will start.


Like if there is a point where they are crying in the process, and the body is letting go, you can feel the moment where the mind gets involved.


So then your mind starts to loop; what you can literally feel in the body is that this person has transitioned from feeling their emotions, completely expressed, to getting the mind involved and then continuing to either cry or create suffering for themselves through the story they are telling themselves.


It's incredible, and you know, this is one of those moments when I lean in, and part of my facilitation is like, 'it's safe to let the story go now.'"


40:26 Building the right skill sets

For Celinne, covering all angles and being able to manage whatever comes at you with the right skills is very important.


Celinne: "It's a skill set and about having the right support if you need it. And when I work with people, my focus is 'let's release the stories that keep you from being here and now, and that are creating a filter for you to see the beauty of now.


And if you say today, this is a mantra that I love myself, I teach it to my clients for the morning practices, 'I am committed to walking the path of my highest soul's destiny, what's my next step? That's it. What is my next stop six months from now? What will happen ten years from now? What's going to happen?' You are walking the path, and you are in it and being plugged into it now."


48:00 Celinne describes her presence in relationships

How you treat relationships affects other areas of your life.


Celinne: "My responsibility to myself as a coach, mentor, and a human being who is committed to my evolution, is just 'let's keep this channel clear,' and it's really about being present.


It's okay, let me breathe, regulate my body like allow myself to be here, my emotional body is here, my mind is here in this moment, and let me focus on whatever is going on right now."


52:00 Her last words


Celinne: "If there is something that's on your heart and the podcast has found you at the moment where you are like 'there's this thing I really want to do, I want to level up in this way in my career, I want to call in a relationship that I desire, I really want to meet these you know, weight loss and well-being goals' and there Is something you desire in your heart, just notice that you are here now and you are on the path, so you are fine.

And if you want to get to where you want to be, just know it's about learning the skill set and understanding what you can do."


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