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Be That 1% Podcast

Sep 6, 2023

Episode 271:

Title: Defeat Inconsistency, Procrastination and laziness with this strategy


 Let's face it, our mind can be our best friend or our own worst enemy. 

It's easy to get in our heads, psych ourselves out, and have our performance suffer. 

That doubt, fear, and insecurity can compound over days, weeks, months, and years to take us to a place we don't want. It is a daily battle. 

 It's critical to have frameworks, strategies, and exercises to work through that can provide a new level of clarity and productivity while injecting our work with a deeper meaning that brings new life to what we do. 

 James first learned this strategy while building his own business in 2014. Since then, he has now shared this with Direct Selling Reps across the nation witnessing sales boost 20-30% in less than 7 days, seeing reps on the verge of quitting find a way to turn it around and save a summer-long commitment and watching Sales teams that were ranked lowest in the company win competitions and find a new gear.

James hopes that regardless of whether you are in Sales or not, you can leverage this exercise to remain consistent, keep your eye on what matters, and achieve what you intend to accomplish. 

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