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Be That 1% Podcast

Sep 20, 2023

Title: 272: Winning the Inner Game w James Silvas


In today’s reverse episode James appears on the Ignite U Podcast, discussing the mental body and how we can truly fortify our mindset through frameworks, concepts, and strategies. 

 Topics discussed: 

  • The power of our upbringing and the resilience or resistance it can foster. 

  • Insights into the duality of city life and its potential for fostering resilience and creativity.

  • The power of love and its evolution.

  • Understanding and trusting your intuition, cultivating trust, overcoming fear, and the importance of physical and emotional metrics in building resilience and emotional intelligence

  • Accepting and integrating multi-identities, with a fascinating look at Carl Jung's idea of the shadow self and Dr. Richard Schwartz 

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